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Hybridisation Incubator  Order No 7601

Hybridisation Incubator Order No 7601

Due to the small quantity of necessary hybridisation liquid it is possible to work with a high concentration of probes or antibodies. Therefore, the Hybridisation Incubator 7601 is considered as the ideal unit for exact hybridisations of DNA and RNA probes with nucleic acid on filter paper and for incubations of protein blots with antibodies.


Mini Tube Roller Incubator  Order No 4020

Mini Tube Roller Incubator Order No 4020

Universally applicable for incubations and hybridisations: Mini Tube Roller Incubator 4020. Due to its constant rotation speed of 13 rpm, it provides even results and high resolutions of the detections even when in continuous use. The lift-up, see-through acrylic cover permits a clear view of the cultures in the interior cabinet.


Test Tube <b class=red>Rotating</b> Shaker  Order No 3025

Test Tube Rotating Shaker Order No 3025

Applications Smooth and exact motion - that is what this rotator model guarantees when it comes to separating and/or mixing applications. The unit is well-suited for use in laboratories, incubation and moderating rooms in ambient temperatures between +10 and +50 °C.


Overhead Rotator  Order No 3040

Overhead Rotator Order No 3040

Applications The uniform rotating motion of this special Shaker make it particularly well-suited for the mixing of powdery, pasty or liquid samples, as well as the preparation of soil samples and sludges. This unit can be used in ambient temperatures between +10 and +40 °C.


Digital Hot Plate / Stirrers- WH420

Digital Hot Plate / Stirrers- WH420

Model WH420 Display Mode LED Top Plate Temperature Range (℃ ) 300 Solvent Temperature (Pt100 sensor)(℃ ) 300 Temperature Stability (Pt100sensor)(℃ ) ±2 Safety Temp. (℃ ) 370 Rotating Speed (rpm) 150~1500 Heating Capacity (W) 1000 Max. Capacity (L)H2O 2 Top Plate Material Aluminum coated with ceramic Timer(min) -- Number of stirring positions 4 PID Parameters 1 set of PID Interface RS232 High Temperature Protection △ T(℃ ) -- Top Plate Dimensions(mm) 320x320 Dimensions (mm) 380x320x70 Order No. 400315